Welcome to the Little Angels Nanny Service family! We are thrilled to have you join the most trusted nanny agency and babysitting service in Central and South Florida. Little Angels Nanny Service is celebrating its 20th year in business and we are happy to assist you with all of your child-care and in home needs. 


Caring for your kids is the most important job in the world. You never want to leave them with just anyone, and referral agencies are an excellent way to ensure that you only get the best. At Little Angels Nanny Service, we take our responsibility seriously, checking out each nanny candidate and making sure that she has all of the qualifications necessary for doing an excellent job. We take pride in our ability to find reliable, trustworthy nannies who not only care for the children of their clients but also become an important part of their families.

When choosing Little Angels Nanny Service, you can feel confident in a decision that you are making for your family. We believe the best fit for your family is a professional and caring nanny who loves children and has been thoroughly vetted by us. We've placed 20 years of knowledge into this website to make it simple to find the perfect match for you and your family. 


A quality nanny can give you a priceless gift: the ability to go out and enjoy yourself without having to worry about your child. Little Angels Nanny Service is a nanny referral agency that will help you find the right nanny for your child. All our nannies have years of experience, strong credentials, and excellent training. They truly love what they do and will be an extra set of caring hands at home. Don’t let those precious moments pass you by; contact Little Angels Nanny Service today to schedule a consultation.

We look forward to building a trusting relationship with your family and working to match you with the perfect fit!


When applying for a nanny, housekeeper or temporary care you will complete a Family Application as completely as possible. We will begin to work with your family and the placement process will begin as soon as the application is completed and the deposit has been received. The search for a candidate can range from a few days up to two weeks but feel confident that we will do our best to find your family a perfect match.


Already Have A Little Angels Family Account?



1. Online Family Portal with Log In Access

2. Family job description and advertisements 


3. Our thorough in person or video conferencing interview with candidates 


4. Detailed candidate profiles with overview of work experience, education, 

skills, notes from interviews and reference checks and more.  


5. In depth childcare employment reference checks ( 2-3 references) 


6. Scheduling assistance for candidate interviews 


7. Trial working interview period of 1 day - Additional days require extra fees

(Note: you will be responsible for the nanny's hourly payment). 


8. Detailed guides and templates to assist you in the nanny interview process 


9. A sample "Work Agreement"


10. Background Check


11. Referrals for domestic payroll companies


12.Complimentary follow-up calls post hire 

13. 3- Month Guarantee 


What   We  Offer

Full Time Nanny Placement
Full Time Housekeepers
Newborn Care Specialists
Temporary Placements For Childcare & Housekeeping
Hotel Babysitting



Hi Trisha, 
I must tell you that Jessica is simply amazing. She is hands down the best nanny we've ever had. She's made my life so manageable and so easy. Thank you! I will be reaching out for recommendations for a baby nurse in January.   But in the mean time I've been referring your agency to my friends. One in particular seems interested so if you hear from her,  give her the best! 
Thanks again for all your help! 


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