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When applying for a nanny, housekeeper or NCS you will complete a Family Application as completely as possible. We will begin to work closely with your family and the placement process will begin as soon as the application is completed and the deposit has been received. The search for a candidate can range from a few days up to two weeks but feel confident that we will do our best to find your family a perfect match.

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Thank you for your interest in Little Angels Nanny Service.  Little Angel's objective is to provide excellent service in the process of locating the perfect nanny, babysitter, or housekeeper for your family. Little Angels Nanny Service is celebrating its 19th year in business and we are happy to assist you with all of your child-care and in home needs.

As founder of Little Angels Nanny Service, Inc. and Babysitters of Florida, I am thrilled to be serving South Florida Areas by connecting families with dedicated, responsible, caring, fun-loving, reliable nannies, babysitters and housekeepers. I believe that the physical and emotional well being of the child is always a nanny's first priority, and building a trusting connection between the nanny and the child allows the child to learn and grow. My personal experience as a mom of four, a nanny for 10 years and my background in education helps me to select most qualified nannies, babysitters and housekeepers to serve your family.

It is my goal and duty to provide families with the most-qualified nannies, babysitters and housekeepers. I thoroughly enjoy connecting families with nannies and I look forward to meeting and serving new families in the future!


Trisha L. Martin, President